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Brookstone Capital Management is a registered investment advisor headquartered in Wheaton, Illinois.  Our enhanced platform, a multi-disciplined managed account solution, gives you access to a diversified portfolio that is specifically geared toward your personal financial goals.  In this program, you and your advisor determine your risk category and investment objectives.  The Brookstone Investment Advisory Services team uses your risk and return specifications to determine which combination of investment vehicles is most likely to achieve your goals.

Because Brookstone does not have any proprietary mutual funds, the research team is free to choose the most appropriate investment vehicles to implement your portfolio, regardless of what company owns them.  The recommended combinations provide you with broad diversification for your assets, which can offer protection against market volatility.

Today, investors must overcome a three-dimentional challenge to achieve investment success.  To develop an intelligent investment strategy, they must be able to track and triangulate the constantly shifting global economic landscape, their own personal financial situation and goals, and the mountains of information about available investments.

An independent financial advisor is a professional practitioner who functions in a conflict-free environment.  The benefits of using the services of an independent financial advisor accrue to the investor throughout the relationship.

We know that consistent, high levels of service and courtesy are an inherent element of the obligation we undertake when we enter into a professional relationship.

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